Breathe freely again, naturally

Capsinol Nasal Spray provides immediate relief from blocked cavities and pressure on the forehead and helps to breathe freely for a long time. It makes the mucous membranes less sensitive to viruses and materials that cause nasal problems and naturally strengthens the nasal mucosa. Capsinol nasal spray can be used for a longer period of time and is not addictive. The formula is completely natural and does not harm the nasal mucosa or health.

Capsinol helps against rhinitis

Capsinol also works well for rhinitis. Especially for people with chronic nasal discomfort with no apparent cause, Capsinol often has a long-lasting positive effect. For example, in older people who suffer from a continuous runny nose, Capsinol often offers a good solution. Capsinol can also offer a solution for (chronic) sinus discomfort. The formula ensures that the nasal mucous membranes clear. Produces moisture that loosens mucus. In addition, Capsinol ensures that the nose returns to producing a normal amount of mucus, freeing the nose and cavities. Xylitol prevents the adhesion of bacteria. There are no adverse effects on smell or nasal mucosa.

Getting used to it, cumulative effect

The active ingredient Capsicum gives a sensation of heat. You may experience a slight burning sensation immediately after use. And generally, you will notice relief from your symptoms in 2-10 minutes. This sensation of heat lasts a few seconds and diminishes with regular use with habituation. The effect of Capsinol does not diminish, it is cumulative. In principle, the stronger the more it seems to work, but not everyone needs or likes the strongest (extra strong) formula. Every person and every nose reacts differently. What one finds too intense in terms of pepper, the other can handle. As with spicy food. You can better assess whether you like spicy or not. If you don’t like the sensation of pepper, we recommend starting with the Mild Formula. The original formula is the most widely used variant. People who use it longer switch to Extra Strong.

The formulas

Capsinol original formula

This is the most popular Capsinol formula. The Original formula is spicy, but you get used to this feeling. Most people find it pleasant to use and are happy with the nasal spray. If you still have doubts about the spicy sensation, we recommend that you start with the Mild Formula. If you don’t mind spiciness, you can start with this formula.
Composition: Water, Sodium chloride (1.1%), Xylitol (1.1%), Tincture of Eucalyptus globulus leaves, Tincture of Capsicum annuum (with capsaicin), Potassium sorbate (preservative).

If your nose is very sensitive, sore, and / or you can’t handle the itchiness, then Capsinol is probably not a suitable solution for you.

  • 100% natural
  • proven effectiveness
  • safe for long-term use
  • recommended by the ENT
  • for stuffy or stuffy nose and chronic cold